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Dist 11 Masonic Assn Meeting Date 3rd or 4th Saturday of the month at 9 am except for: August. Check the Calendar.

Location: Varies by Lodge


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DEMA Stateds: 3rd or 4th Saturday 9am Location: varies by sponsoring lodge
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The Freemasons are members of a Fraternal Organization dedicated to making good men better and thereby making the community better.

The official status of District No. 11 was approved in June, 1935 but the District, as we know it now, did not become a viable, functioning entity until the following year; June, 1936. District 11 consists of 5 Lodges:

  • Port Townsend Lodge No. 6 was the 6th Masonic Lodge in the State of Washington to receive a Charter. This occurred on September 6, 1859.

  • Port Angeles Lodge No. 69 received its Charter on June 11, 1891.

  • Jefferson Lodge No. 107 joined the ranks on June 10, 1896, and later merged with Quilcene Lodge #184 on April 15, 2002.

  • Quilcene Lodge No. 184 joined the other Lodges on the north end of the Olympic Peninsula on June 14, 1911, and later merged with Jefferson Lodge #107 on April 15, 2002.

  • Quilcene was followed by Sequim Lodge No. 213 on June 14, 1916.

  • Last, and smallest of the Lodges comprising District No. 11, was the forming of Mt. Olympus Lodge No. 298 (in Forks) on June 16, 1954. Its conception began in 1951, and between 1951 and 1954 it went through the normal steps of progression to obtain its approval and receive its charter; first becoming a Masonic Club, then operating Under Dispensation (UD), finally achieving Chartered status.

Jefferson Lodge #107 and Quilcene Lodge #184 voted to consolidate and a new lodge was formed. Quilcene-Jefferson Lodge #107 was Constituted and their officers installed by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge on April 15, 2002 thereby reducing the number of lodges in the district to five.

These five Lodges comprise District No. 11 of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Washington.

All District #11 members are members of the District Eleven Masonic Association (DEMA). They meet on the last Saturday of each month; meeting at a different Lodge Center each month on a rotating schedule. The Association is organized with a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and a Secretary/Treasurer elected from its members.

The Association coordinates the activities of the member Lodges, and arranges for training for those Lodges and their officers. All of this activity is under the supervision of the Deputy of the Grand Master of F&AM of Washington for District 11. You might say that the Lodges are united, but yet are separate entities within themselves.