Mentoring Good Men

Apparently, the King of France lost a bet. Upon hearing that Washington had retired his seat as President, he said, "We are observing the greatest man of all time". It was inconceivable for a King, much less a man from ordinary origins, to walk away from such power.

What was Washington up to? He was a General, a profession not given to action with no objective.

Washington was mentoring a nation. It is that simple. Through gentle promptings, our Craft worked on his character all his life. He was paying homage to all he had encountered, and telling each of us, for all time, our immortal souls will arrive intact, no matter the temptations, should we adhere to what we learn as Masons.

Putting new men on the proper path will solve any and all problems. It is their future. In Washington's time, Masons were filling most positions of responsibility in this new country. He wanted each to know there may come a time to step aside, thus, his example.

Much of our trouble today can be assigned to serious character issues in Leadership. Masons are Builders. Consider each new candidate but one component in a package sent from On High, meant to fit somewhere, be it in the footings or pinnacles. Every member exciting, and crucial. Mentoring is the first stage of erecting something Grand, something more than the sum of its parts, something Sacred and Holy. As a Mason you MAY encounter some of the finest mentoring, direct and indirect, that humanity has to offer. SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND, KNOCK AND IT SHALL BE OPENED UNTO YOU.

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